Theme Thursday

I’m super excited about the Theme Thursday idea – something to bring us together and learn a little more about one another. I’m sure we all have lives outside of the crazy worlds our characters create for us (although sometimes it’s hard to tear ourselves away). So…this is an opportunity to showcase some of the other stuff you’re into (e.g. painting, crafts, scrapbooking, knitting, photography, etc.). The idea is to post a brief description and/or picture in the “Comments” section of my blog. Because “Theme Thursday” is a weekly thing, each week you’ll have the opportunity to share a different aspect of your talent with your fellow authors (i.e. a different painting, craft item, artistic photo, etc.). Okay, let’s get started. Apart from writing, I have several other interests. Today, I want to share with you my love for PEWTER ART!   Now, before you start oohing and aahing at my unsurpassed creativity, I have to confess that the artwork in these pics is not my own. I’ve made similar items, but for some reason battled to insert the images. Next week I’ll have an example of something I’ve done personally – I promise!! For now, I just want to show you the kind of stuff I’m into.


Now share your own posts. I can’t wait to see what stuff you love to do!

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