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First_Place_PNG_ClipartIt’s always fun to remember how our writing journey started, who inspired us, and how much we’ve improved since those early days. Today’s Blog is all about those FIRSTS. Take a couple of minutes to type your answers in the “Comments” section below.

  1. Opening sentence of the first book you wrote.
  2. Opening sentence of your WIP.
  3. Your age when you wrote your first book.
  4. The person who inspired you to write your first book.
  5. Please give one link to your latest release.

Creative Constipation

WB 2Ah, I was hoping to find you here. A few weeks ago, I diagnosed myself with a solid dose of the disease every writer dreads…writer’s block.
I’ve had twinges of WB before, but nothing like this. I even doubt my usual genre and question whether I actually have what it takes. I float across several genres and struggle to find my fit, even though I’ve made it work so many times before.

They say the only cure for WB is to WRITE. Believe me, that’s what I’ve been trying to do. But, the more I write, the more I’m convinced I can’t do it. It’s not due to a lack of ideas or writing material. In fact, I’ve been working on three great story ideas, each at various stages of development. I’ve even gone as far as creating detailed outlines for all of them, doing character sketches, writing enticing beginnings, multi-faceted middles, and unpredictable endings with cool twists and turns, have come up with character names and clever titles (for the most part)…BUT when I sit down to flesh out my stories, I sit staring into space and struggle to make progress. I know what works for me, and I know what doesn’t. I understand the practicalities of pushing through and just writing. But it’s not as easy as that. (In case you think you’ve cured me, no, I’m not working on all three ideas at once. :] )

I’ve officially put aside (more like ripped to shreds and chucked into a blender) my latest WIP (Work in Progress). I heard once that there’s no such thing as writer’s block, and at one stage believed sufferers should just “get over it.” Hoo boy, how wrong I was.

Having said that, however long this takes there’s one thing I will never do. I will never give up.

I Googled this dread disease and here’s a cool article I found. (If you love the title of this blog, here’s where you get to see where it came from.) http://goinswriter.com/how-to-overcome-writers-block/

I’d love to hear from those of you who have vanquished this enemy and lived to tell the tale (literally).