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Stipula_fountain_penAah, it’s Friday again. There’s nothing better than winding down after a long week and letting the creative side kick in. Today, I thought we’d have a bit of FRIDAY FUN by chatting about CHARACTERS.

For me, character development is the most fun part of writing a story. I’m not happy until my characters are living, breathing people with unique personalities, habits, and quirks…until they’re so real I can almost touch them. It stings to remember I’m probably the only one to see them that way, and can only hope my readers love (or hate) them as much as I do. If you are like me and feel the characters you’ve created deserve some recognition, here’s your chance to brag a little. Tell us something about ONE character in a book you’ve written.

  • What makes that person stand out?
  • In what ways are they similar to you?
  • In what ways are they unlike you?
  • Were they inspired by you/someone you know?

Add the book title and one link.


Cool Characters

Here’s your chance to talk about the coolest character you’ve ever created, one that’s impacted your life in some way.11802048_111528785859748_2021885595_n

Ooo, ooo, ooo, me first! Without a doubt that would be Samantha Stafford, one of the characters in Lucia’s Web. She’s not even the protagonist, just a quirky sidekick, but for some reason this girl has been consuming my thoughts and invading my dreams. I have no idea why, because Sam’s the polar opposite of me.
Where I think before I speak, Sam repeatedly has to yank her foot from her mouth. Where I can get pretty anxious about things, Sam’s permanently calm and unflappable.
Sam is adventurous and flamboyant in her expression, a sort of bohemian free-thinker locked in the twenty-first century, and as quirky as they come. She’s bold and bubbly, not afraid what anybody thinks of her, and is comfortable in her own skin. She’s not the most articulate, but that doesn’t phase her in the least.
I have no idea why I feel so drawn to her, but I do.
Her fashion sense is a reflection of her carefree personality. She carries this pink, floral, embroidered bag everywhere she goes which, until recently, I wouldn’t have been caught dead using. But…lately I’ve been on a crazed hunt for a bag just like hers. My husband thinks I’ve lost my marbles and I can’t blame him. The poor guy just humors me, but I’ve promised to only go for a mild version of the “Sam bag” as I call it, and not the full-on hippie-type bag she carries.
I’m even tempted to buy myself a pair of dungarees and a few stringy tops to try out some weird expression that doesn’t even come close to my personality or dress style. I’m generally pretty safe in the way I dress, but I’ve secretly started hankering for a more relaxed style, which isn’t like me at all. (Not brave enough to try out the full repertoire of hippie apparel, but a slightly more relaxed style is tempting.)
The other day I had an “aha” moment, and considered Sam as protagonist in a new series I’m mulling over. Hmmm…something to think about. I think she’d like that.

It’s a weird thing, don’t you think? Fleshing out characters with unique personalities, making them so real that it almost hurts to remember they only exist in your head. (Say it’s not so!) Sam’s just so cool and easy-going; she wouldn’t be offended by my last statement. I love her openness, her ability to be herself and not hold back. If only there were a few more Sams around, the world would be a calmer place.

Now it’s your turn…