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Finding Freedom

IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING…TODAY’S THE DAY!!…Drum roll…This is sooo exciting…It’s launch day for my new book!!



Here’s what it’s about:

Action, intrigue, and deception make up this intensely human story.

Naïve Emily Garrett discovers that her safe, secure upbringing has been a devastating lie. Snatched on the day she was born, apparently by the same people she calls her parents, she is forced to learn the reasons for their desperate actions.

Ifetayo Ayassou finally finds the courage to escape her hellish existence as a trafficking victim and, coupled with the difficult healing process, she begins a search for the child she was forced to give away eighteen years ago.

Two women plunged into the underworld of human trafficking, both in search of freedom and truth—and each other. But, will their paths collide?


Some reviews received so far:

  • As an avid reader of at least five books a week, this is the first time I felt compelled to write a review.
  • I highly recommend this book!
  • The story is well written and all the threads are woven together in the end — I thought the ending was wonderful!
  • Kudos to Sue Searles for taking the reader on a beautifully written roller coaster ride.
  • This author weaved these two parallel tales together seamlessly.
  • As one looking for my own birth mother I was able to feel the pain in this book.
  • I will never look at another working child the same after learning about child trafficking.
  • Be ready to have an emotional rollercoaster ride.
  • This is a story that I recommend everyone reads.
  • This story really makes me analyze and appreciate my own life.
  • Gives me some motivation to reach out and try to help others.
  • This is a book that is difficult if not impossible to put down!
  • This is one of those books I couldn’t put down and a book all should read.


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